• “Maidan showed that Kyiv is another centre of Europe”
    Vasyl Cherepanyn talks about revolution and the implications of Maidan for Ukraine and Europe.
  • The preconditions of society
    Orlando Verde argues that society, just as humour, requires preconditions. Particularly when hate and racism are on the rise.
  • Greetings from the fresh food section: a perspective on BDS
    Daphne Meijer argues in favour of BDS, but cautions that the real issue at stake is the right to return.
  • TTIP and stupid shit: on the ineffectiveness of secrecy
    Tom Cassauwers argues that secrecy in foreign policy is counterproductive, even when it concerns trade.
Why is social inequality in higher education on the rise?

Rachel Yemm discusses the rise in social inequality within higher education, linking it to government policy over the last two decades.

EU referendum: choose reason over emotion

James Pearce argues for voters to base their decision in the EU referendum on reason and humility instead of fear and uncertainty.

Fear, Confusion, Frustration: Being An EU Referendum Voter

Phil Mayne discusses the use of fear and uncertainty by both sides of the EU referendum campaign. He asks what this means for the campaign.

How the young benefit from voting to stay in the EU

David Downing discusses the benefits of EU membership to young people and why they should vote remain.

Oriana Fallaci evokes the need for authentic journalism
Oriana Fallaci

Valentina Auliso explains why good authentic journalism is in urgent need of revival, by looking back at one of the greatest in the field, Oriana Fallaci.

#JezWeCan: Where’s the UK Labour party now
People stand in march against cuts to the NHS

Marienna Pope-Weidemann intricately analyses the growth and potential resurrection of the Labour party, after a period of an ‘austerity lite’ agenda.

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